firebase Can I use Selenium WebDriver with Google Cloud Functions?

Use this to either create
simple scripts or assist in exploratory testing. In order to create scripts that interact with the Selenium Server
(Remote WebDriver) or create local Selenium WebDriver scripts, you need
to make use of language-specific client drivers. Advertise with TechnologyAdvice on and our other developer-focused platforms. You can use Google Cloud Run to have selenium / cypress / spyder run. GCR achieves a similaresq result, that being it is serverless and scalable. You can’t currently use Python to run Selenium scripts in Google Cloud Functions.

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Integrated analytics and reporting feature to help you analyze your test runs and send reports to stakeholders. TestingBot integrates with various test frameworks and services. Easily convert your existing Selenium tests and connect with your favorite CI/CD.

Live App Testing

Naturally, moving automated tests on a Selenium cloud lets testers get more done with much less work. Other possible costs include those for infrastructure, including servers or dedicated machines for running tests. If you prefer to run tests in the cloud, you may have to pay for premium cloud-based testing services, such as Sauce Labs or BrowserStack. To understand how Moon Cloud differs from other platforms and why it is more flexible let’s check what’s under the hood. In public cloud platforms Kubernetes is usually started on top of one or several virtual machines.

selenium cloud

A cloud-based testing platform enables functional testing of web apps completely free of physical infrastructure. Performance can be an issue, especially when there are many node servers. Another limitation is that the initial stages of Selenium Grid setup can be difficult. Especially for organizations that have not leveraged parallel testing before. Blazing fast test execution on cloud that will beat your local test execution speeds. A LambdaTest exclusive platform that is guaranteed faster and scalable than any other cloud grid offering.

Download the Selenium Server Jar

There’s a Feature Request in the Public Issue Tracker currently open, that can be found here. For the Node.js runtime for your Cloud Functions, you could use puppeteer which includes headless Chrome. You can download the browser driver of your choice as per your language requirements. For example, you can configure Selenium Web driver for Python on BrowserStack. These browser drivers are also specific to the language which is used for test case automation like C#, Python, Java, etc. Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is primarily a record/run tool.

selenium cloud

This ensures that a web application is thoroughly tested for usability and functionality before it is released to end-users. Cloud Selenium Grid allows you to run tests on different device-browser combinations on different nodes simultaneously. This speeds up the whole testing process by leveraging Parallel Testing, enabling you to perform cross browser testing at scale. You can achieve wider test coverage within a short period of time by using online Selenium Grid. Now that you have decided to use Selenium testing on the cloud for automated browser testing, the next task is to choose a cross-browser testing platform.

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You can also find a list of previous releases, source code, and additional information for Maven users. Once the program is executed, every line of code/script will get transformed into a URL. Then this URL is passed to the browser drivers (in our example, the ChromeDriver).

Configure the hub (java -jar selenium-server-standalone-x.x.x.jar -role hub). The hub is programmed to “know” the configuration details of its registered nodes. The hub can use this information to identify an available node with the appropriate platform-browser combination. To get all the details of the advanced features, understand how it works, and how to set up your own, please browse thorough the following sections. Selenium Grid allows the execution of WebDriver scripts on remote machines
by routing commands sent by the client to remote browser instances. Perform End-to-End Cypress Testing in cloud on a fast, reliable, and scalable infrastructure of 40+ different browser environments.

LambdaTest for Community

Integrate in minutes using popular languages and frameworks. Add BrowserStack to your build pipeline using our CI plugins. In one year, Walmart saved 750,000+ people hours that would have been spent on manual selenium cloud testing/updating support for new browsers and operating systems. As seen from the execution snapshot on LambdaTest, tests are executed in parallel due to which the overall execution time is reduced.

  • But in the long term, maintenance of a high-performance testing operation on-prem is expensive.
  • Experience firsthand how our platform can empower you to reach your Selenium browser testing objectives and bring innovation in your testing procedures.
  • In one year, Walmart saved 750,000+ people hours that would have been spent on manual testing/updating support for new browsers and operating systems.
  • The maintenance includes configuring servers, maintaining desktops, and continually adding updated mobile devices.
  • The access key is unique to each BrowserStack user and so is the link.
  • Selenium has many pros in its favor that make it a solid choice as a web testing automation tool.

Both the tests should execute in parallel, i.e. the number of concurrent sessions on the LambdaTest server should be 2/2 in this case. Depending on the testing requirements, you should choose the appropriate pricing plan. Lite, Live, Web & Mobile Browser Automation, Web Automation are the available plans on LambdaTest.

Selenium WebDriver Tutorial : Getting Started with Test Automation

It will also explain how a Selenium Grid on Cloud offers a notably better alternative for cross browser testing on real devices rather than setting up virtual machines. BrowserStack Automate provides instant access to a Selenium Grid of 3000+ browsers and real devices that help you perform automated tests via the cloud. It eliminates any need for creating and maintaining in-house device labs or personal Selenium Grids.

selenium cloud

Migrating an in-house Selenium Grid to the cloud makes automated testing of web applications independent of physical infrastructure. This eliminates the need to purchase and maintain devices to test on. A Selenium Cloud also provides high availability which reduces the risk of downtime. Parallel testing in Selenium involves running a test automation suite or test cases in parallel. The test cases are not executed in a serialized manner, which leads to a reduction of test execution time. A combination of test suites is executed in parallel on multiple servers, with each server running one test at a time.


It is an Add-on or an extension available for both Firefox and Chrome that generates tests quickly through its functionality of record and playback. You don’t need to learn any test scripting language for authoring any functional tests. Experience firsthand how our platform can empower you to reach your online Selenium testing objectives and bring innovation in your testing procedures.

selenium cloud

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