How to Install Simple Antivirus Software For PC

Downloading the program is the first step in installing a basic antivirus software on a PC. Double-click on the downloaded program to begin the installation. The installer will walk you through the steps to install the program, including acceptance of the terms and conditions, and establishing the location where the antivirus is saved on your computer. Based on the program you choose to install, you might need to enter a license key or register an account with the software company.

The antivirus program must be activated to start scanning for malicious programs. The majority of programs will prompt you to sign-up and provide personal information as part of the activation process, but this is usually optional. Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email or email should confirm that the antivirus program is activated.

Based on the software you have installed for your anti-virus You may be asked to conduct an entire system scan or choose an individual file or folder to scan. During the scan the program will scan for and remove any folders or files that contain malware. Some programs will also run periodic or automated scans to find new infections and keep your computer free of threats.

If you’re looking to find a strong antivirus for macOS, our friends at Macworld recommend Intego VirusBarrier. It’s a robust program that includes VirusBarrier and NetBarrier. These two applications are able to detect malware and rogue files before they’re downloaded or launched on Mac. VirusBarrier was able to detect every malware sample we sent it. It also warns you if you download or install suspicious-looking software.

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